Lactase vs. Lactose

The Objective : The goals are to determine if the amount of lactase has an effect on the process of breaking down sugar molecules in milk.


Procedural Method:

1.-3. Gather and label test tubes and put in racks.

4. In test tubes 1 and 2 pour 20 mL of whole milk.

5. Place 5g of lactase in test tube 2.

6. Pour 20 mL of distilled water into test tube 3 and put in 5g of lactase.

7. Pour 20 mL of corn syrup into test tube 4.

8.-9. Test tubes sit overnight and use chemstrips to detect sugar.

10. Fill a large beaker halfway with water, heat top.

11. Heat water to almost boiling on the burner.

12. Place all test tubes into the water bath.

13. Add 5 mL of Benedict's solution to each test tube.

14. Record any color changes.

15. Repeat the project using 2g of lactase.

Materials: 1. Balance; 2. 9 Beakers; 3. Benedict's solution; 4.Camera; 5. Goggles; 6. 9 graduated cylinders; 7. Grease pencil; 8. Burner; 9. Lactase; 10. 9 medicine droppers; 11. Whole milk; 12. 16 test tubes; 13. 4 test tube racks; 14. A pair of mittens; 15. Water; 16. Distilled water; 17. White corn syrup.


The Amount of Lactose Detected-5g of Lactase

Chem Strips

Test Tube Content(s) Lactose mg/mL
1 20mL Whole Milk 100
2 20 mL Whole Milk-5g of Lactase 250
3 20mL Distilled Water-5g of Lactase Negative
4 20mL Corn Syrup 250

Benedict's Solution

Test Tube Content(s) Color
1 20mL Whole Milk Orange
2 20 mL Whole Milk-5g of Lactase Yellow
3 20mL Distilled Water-5g of Lactas Negative
4 20mL Corn Syrup Brown


This project is about trying to determine whether the amount of Lactase have an effect on the process of breaking down sugar molecules (Lactose) in milk?

Science Fair Project done By Edward G. Deeb



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