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Human Biology Project Ideas


Are Fingerprint Patterns Similar in Twins

Effects of Conversation on Driving

Effects of Sound on Blood Pressure

Free Weights Does Bicep Size Indicate Endurance

FVC Living with Smokers/Non Smokers

How Do Age and Gender Affect Resting Heart Rate

How Does the Eardrum Affect Our Hearing

How Dogs Affect Blood Pressure

How Will You React

Association between Heart Disease Risk Factors

Cereal Effects on Blood Glucose

Dilation Sensation

Does Age Affect the Size of a Person's Blind Spot?

Down with Diabetes

Is There a Correlation Between Relative Pitch and Gender

Is Your i-Pod as Good as a CD

Is Your Safety a Guarantee

Now You See It, Now You Don't

Pumping Diabetes

Reflexes through the Ages

Smell vs. Taste

Study of Asthma and Swimming

Study of Gender Responses to Frustration

The Effect of Aging on Flexibility

The Rhythm of Life

To Breastfeed or Not to Breastfeed

Wii vs. Real Life



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