Is Bingo Random

The Objective

My experiment was designed to test whether winning at Bingo is random.


Materials used:

1. 4 different Bingo cards

2. A Bingo Set: a Bingo calling cage, a bingo ball counter, and 75 bingo balls

3. 50 Bingo recording sheets

Note: All of the Bingo balls were counted to make sure that there where 75 of them.

Experimental Method:

1. Turn the lever on the calling cage one time to dispense ball.

2. Record the following:

a. The number on the ball

b. The column the ball came from

c. The order in which the balls were called.

3. When the game finishes, record the following:

a. How long the game took

b. The amount of calls until a Bingo showed up on a card

c. The five number Bingo sequence

d. Whether the sequence used the FREE space

e. The winning number

f. Whether the Bingo sequence was vertical horizontal, or diagonal

g. The card that had the Bingo.

4. Repeat this process 50 times


In the winning card test, Card 2 won 40% of the time versus the 25% probability. Similarly, 36% of the winning numbers were in the O column, versus the 20% probability.

These two tests indicated that winning at Bingo is not random.

However, in the FREE space test, 62% of the winning sequences did.

My project tested whether winning at Bingo is random.

Science Fair Project done By Henry R. Solomon



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