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Epic Tale of Ten Regular Polygons

Algorithm to Minimize Memory Usage

Correlation between Height and Stride Length

Efficient Algorithm Solving Alexander Star

Artificial Neural Networks

Area of an Arbelos

Fibonacci and Phyllotaxis

Morphing Circles with Trig

Verification of the Prime Number Theorem

Generating Random Numbers

Rubiks Cube Solver using Mathematica

Accurate Simulation of Influenza Pandemics

Self Similar Sierpinski Fractals

Is Bingo Random

Create a Cipher Based on a Numerical System

Reducing Atmospheric CO2 by Iron Induced

Optimization of Dijkstra Shortest Path Algorithm

Intelligent Irrigation Control System

Swarm Economic Systems using Agent Level Adaptation

JavaScript Sudoku Corrector

Analysis of the Traveling Salesman Problem

Enhance User Learning in Surgical Simulation

Efficiency of Prime Testing Algorithms

Optimal Iterated Prisoner Dilemma Strategy

Strength of a Chess Playing Algorithm

Effect of Field Area on Baseball

Innovating Credit Card Security


Iris Analysis

Critical Nodes on the Monterey Peninsula Road Network

Spirolaterals Math Is Art

Fair Deal or No Deal

Comprehensive Evaluation of Computer Operating Systems

Ket to a Winning Streak

Project Testing a Roller Coaster Design

Are Robots Better than Us

Breaking the Law

Finding My Way in this Digital World

Voice Analysis and Recognition

Accuracy in Forestry Management

Frog with the Fear of Water

Taking It to the Edge

Investigation into the Optimization of Control Systems

Added Complexity in Password Security

Tracking Down Methicillin

Optimal Wireless Networking

Content Based Image Retrieval

Effects of Inverse Fourier Transform

Efficient True Random Number Generation

Fibonacci Sequence in Plants

Number Theory Meets Algebra

Optimizing the Chicken Soup Can

Tricky Triangles

What's the Deal or No Deal

Mathematical Approaches to a Neat Problem

Computer Generated Simulation

Effect of RGB and CMYK Color

Project Zier

Semantic Image Retrieval

Sharing Spectrum the Smart Way

Statistical Reliability

Study of Dandelin Spheres

Find It Fast

Five of a Kind is Hard to Get

Are Colonies Superior


Automatic Die-rolling Machine

Camera Recognition

Choice Based on Past Knowledge

Computational Analysis of the Topological Property

Global Shock

Honey Cluster Computing

Image Compression

Improving Elevator Scheduling Efficiency

Is the C or Assembly Programming Language Better

Autonomous Robotic Vehicle


Biophysical Studies of Cytotoxic Effect

Buy Bonds


Fun with Fibonacci

Motion Detection Algorithm

Natural Human Interface for Technology

Sudoku Patterns

Suite of Software Tools for Raman Spectroscopy

To Go or Not to Go

To Type or Not to Type



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