The Objective

My main goal was to build a robot that commands by my voice. I also wanted to learn how to put together electronic components using a soldering iron, static mat, and other electronic devices. I wanted to also learn how to write a program.


Mark III Robot Kit(ooPIC)

Firefly Bluetooth RS-232 Adapter

Apple Laptop

Speech Recognition-Mac Based

ooPIC Software Development Tool(IDE)

Parallels (To Run Windows for IDE)

MacOS (Unix)

Static Mat

Tool Kit

Soldering Iron



After assembling all the parts I tested the unit and found out that there was a short were I solderered.

After I fixed the problem the green LED light came on indicating that all parts where working.

Then I had to upload a program into the robot.

When everything was finished I had to test everything all together.

When I said forward it would go forward in a circle and when I said back it would go back in a circle.

This was because the servo motors where not aligned.

Using a screwdriver I aligned the servo motors.

The project was finished.


I learned several things.I learened a handy phrase to remind me how to read the values of resistors. I also learened about Ohms law.I learned what speech recognition is.I also learned a little programming in C language.I learned about basic electrticity.

I built a voice activated robot.

Science Fair Project done By Tina A. Zolfaghari



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