Filtering Contaminants Saves Lives

The Objective : The objective was to determine how different levels of pollution affected the growth of corn plants.


I used clear sheets of plastic to make three separate tanks, plastic glue, 27 corn seeds, car exhaust, pipes, water, a spray bottle, and pH paper.

Every day, I ran car exhaust through a pipe to the tanks of plants. I polluted one of the tanks twice a day, one once a day, and one I didn't ever pollute.


My results were that the plants with the highest level of pollution wilted and died fairly quickly. The plants with a medium level of pollution wilted a little bit, but none died.

The plants with no added pollution were very healthy throughout the experiment.


My conclusion is that pollution does have a negative affect on the growth of corn plants. My results did enable me to meet my objective, and my hypothesis was supported.

One possible source of error is that I had to keep the plants outside and it got very cold at night, which could have affected how the plants grew.

This project is about what effects air pollution has on the growth of plants.

Science Fair Project done By Michael W.



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