Kids Projects


Easy Physics Experiments



A Dying Star

Reflections on Reflection

Relativistic Stress

Ruben's Tube

Seeing Through the Haze

Selective Isolation and Manipulation

Semiclassical Method to Predict Helium

Sink or Float

A New Perspective with a Digital Pinhole

Across the Universe

Analysis of Voice Frequency across Ethnic Identities

Are There More Cosmic Rays at Higher Altitudes

Chill Out

Detecting the Coriolis Effect in a Hose

Does Horizontal Speed Help

Effect of a Magnetic Field and Applied Voltage

Effects of Rotational Inertia on a Fastball

Evaporation Sensation

Freeze Frame

Glassic Music

How Do Varying Amplitudes, Weights, and Lengths Affect the Period of Motion of a Pendulum?

Marco Polo

Mechanical Exfoliation

Photoelectrochemical Cell

Photometric Study of Eclipsing Binary Stars

Proving Universal Gravitation by Warping Space-Time

Solar Cells


Study of the Effect of the Curvature of Spacetime

Testing Gas Laws

The Mathematics of Sympathetic Vibrations

The Metal Meltdown

Tricky Curie

Which Diameter String Has the Purest Tone

Will a Guitar String Vibrate Forever


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