Faster than a Speeding Bullet

The Objective

The purpose of this project is to see if it is possible to compute the velocity (or speed) of a bullet by measuring the fall of a bullet over a measured distance.


We went out and set up the target and bench.

We then measured out all of the parts so that the top of the target was lined up with with the rifle's barrel.

We did all the measuring and shot the gun.

We got our results and went home to figure them out. / dumpy level, masking tape, 22. rifle and bullets, shooting bench, sand bags, 100ft. tape measure, target, 2T-post, card stock, close pins, driver, cm. tape measure, feld tip marker, tripod, bubble level, transit


The results were the first bullet droped 16.5cm. on the first shot and 18.5cm. on the second shot.

The average was 17.5cm.

We used a formula and got our results.

The reason our results were not exact is because we had a slight breeze that day.


The conclusion is that it is possible to measure the velocity of a bullet by how much a bullet falls in a measured distance.

My project is about caculating the speed of a bullet over a measured distance.

Science Fair Project done By Foster S. Hengst



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