Does Growing Bell Peppers in Soil or Hydroponically Produce Better Results

The Objective : To determine whether growing plants hydroponically outperforms traditional growing methods.


Fifty bell pepper seeds planted in a Rapid Rooter rooting system.

After the sprouts had roots extending beyond the rooting plug, twelve similar sized plants were chosen to complete the experiment.

Six bell peppers were planted in 15cm square pots with potting soil and six bell pepper plants were grown hydroponically in Rockwool growing cubes.

A pH testing kit with base and acid was used to maintain proper pH level of the water prior to adding Flora Nova One-Part Growth Plant Food.

A grow light was used to supplement the natural light from the window where the plants were placed.


The hydroponically grown plants grew taller with longer, wider leaves during the experiment. Overall health of the hydroponically grown plants was superior to the plants in potting soil.

None of the plants reached the flowering or fruiting stage.


The conclusion is that the hypothesis was correct. Growing bell pepper hydroponically produces better results than growing them in potting soil.

This project Testing to determine if growing bell peppers hydroponically will produce better results than planting them in a traditional growing method.

Science Fair Project done By Timothy A. Westerfield



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