Investigating Bird Populations in a Recently Restored Lagoon

The Objective : The San Dieguito Lagoon is a newly restored wetland with recently created homes for waterfowl. Many millions of dollars have been spent to return this lagoon region back into a place where fish can thrive and birds can reside. I wanted to see if the restored wetlands would attract bird populations as environmentalists hoped. I hypothesized that the Western Snowy Plover and other birds would take advantage of new nest sites protected and built for birds that migrate during winter. I also hypothesized that there would be many ducks at the lagoon because it is a part of the resting places along a migratory route called the Pacific Flyway.


I visited the lagoon whenever possible and brought along the necessities of an avid birder. This included field guides, binoculars, a camera, and a journal to record data.

I also used an anemometer to measure wind speed, a thermometer to record temperature, and a hygrometer to measure humidity.


I observed and documented bird species at the lagoon. I found that the lagoon seems to be serving its purpose since the restoration project began.

Many birds are returning although no Western Snowy Plovers or California Least Terns were sighted.


I hope that by recording the species making use of the wetland, we can better provide for these animals in the future.

As the breeding season approaches, I may be given special permission to observe endangered birds, nests and fledglings, and collect more data.

This project documented bird populations in a recently restored wetlands lagoon.

Science Fair Project done By Annmarie C. Delfino



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